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An organization cannot grow any faster than the people in it grow.  The comfort zone is the failure zone for any business or individual. A leader's personal and professional growth is especially critical.  No one can effectively coach themselves which is why the most successful leaders in all fields engage a professional coach at some point in their career.  Many work with a coach through critical business and career transitions while many others stay connected with their coach on an ongoing basis. 


With a coach you can gain new perspectives and insights about yourself, your team and your organization.  Friends, family, co-workers, employees and bosses are naturally very supportive and encouraging.  At times they may also provide valid feedback and challenges to adjust behavior.  However, the personal relationships can become an obstacle and although well intended the challenges may seem to be more for their benefit than your own.    


A Leadership Coach provides a unique blend of safety and challenge.  Safety is in the form of empathic understanding and encouragement to look inward to reflect on personal values and purpose then reconcile them to the outward circumstances and organizational requirements.  Challenge is in the form of direct feedback and holding you accountable to focus on your goals and to take the actions needed to achieve them. 


Executive Coaching Involves: 

- Defining the expected business results needed 


Self-assessment, receiving feedback, and thoughtful reflection 


- Identifying team behavior changes needed to accomplish the results 


- Addressing personal leadership challenges for the Leader 


- Identifying specific behaviors that if changed could enhance performance 


- Discussions that are supportive and future focused 


- Asking questions to challenge assumptions and beliefs 


- Encouraging alignment in important aspects of the Leader's life 


- Challenging actions and expecting accountability for progress 


- Helping the Leader discover blind spots in how they see themselves 


- Coaching is not therapy, counseling or consulting 

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